Recently Read Books

  • A Delicate Truth- John Le Carre (fiction)
  • Perfect - Rachel Joyce (Fiction)
  • The Expats - Chris Pavone (Fiction)
  • An Event in Autumn - Henning Mankel (Fiction)
  • Winter in Madrid - C.J.Sansom (Fiction)
  • The Brothers - John Foster Dulles and Allen Dulles - non-fiction
  • LIfe Among Giants - Bill Roorbach (Novel)
  • Empty Mansions - Bill Dedman (non-fiction)
  • Woodrow Wilson (non fiction)
  • Lawrence in Arabia (Non-Fiction)
  • In Sunlight and In Shadow by Mark Helpren (Fiction)
  • Lesson in French - Hilary Reyl (fiction)
  • Unbroken- Laura Hillenbrand (Non-Fiction)
  • Venice, A New History- Thomas Madden - (Non- Fiction)
  • Life is a Gift - Tony Bennett Autobiography
  • The First Counsell - Brad Meltzer (Fiction)
  • Destiny of the Republic - President James Garfield non-fiction by Candice Millard
  • The Last Lion (volume III)- William Manchester and Paul Reid (non-fiction, Winston Churchill)
  • Yellowstone Autumn -W.D. Wetherell (non-fiction about turning 55 and fishing in Yellowstone)
  • Everybody was Young- (non-fiction Paris in the 1920's)
  • Scorpion - (non fiction US Supreme Court)
  • Supreme Power - Jeff Shesol (non-fiction)
  • Zero day by David Baldacci ( I read all of Baldacci's Books)
  • Northwest Angle - William Kent Krueger (fiction - I have read 5 or 6 books by this author)
  • Camelot's Court-Insider the Kennedy Whitehouse- Robert Dallek
  • Childe Hassam -Impressionist (a beautiful book of his paintings)

Monday, March 30, 2009


The calendar says it is spring but the blizzard we had in Salt Lake City yesterday and the snow on my lawn today tells me it is not yet spring. I have always loved the following description of spring golf by the great author, PG Wodehouse:

It was a morning when all nature shouted "Fore!" The breeze, as it blew gently up from the valley, seemed to bring a message of hope and cheer, whispering ol chip-shots holed and brassies landing squarely on the meat. The fairway, as yet unscarred by the irons of a hundred dubs, smiled greenly up at the azure sky; and the sun, peeping above the trees, looked like a giant golf-ball perfectly lofted by the mashie of some unseen god and about to drop dead by the pin of the ' eighteenth. It was the day of the opening of the course after the long winter, and a crowd of considerable dimensions had collected at the first tee. Plus fours gleamed in the sunshine, and the air was charged with happy anticipation.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Sharon Speak

I have been with my wife Sharon for seven years. We dated one year, we were engaged for a year and we have been married for five years. As a result of the time I have spent with Sharon, I am now bi-lingual. I know English and I have learned “Sharon Speak. Here are some examples of this unusual language

Means “yes”

Means “no” unless she later thinks through it and it may mean “yes” but I won’t realize this until much later

Means “no” or sometimes “maybe”. It never means “yes”.

I am not certain what this means because I have not heard her utter this word

I wasn’t watching
When I ask her what a particular golf swing of mine looked like, she usually responds with this. It means “It looks pathetic”.

I will be ready in about 2 Minutes
Means 15-20 minutes

Go ahead and go without me
Means you better shut up and wait for me if you know what’s good for you

No, you don’t have to go with me
Means “You better come with me and why would you even ask me that?”

These are just a few examples of this unusual language. Not only do you have to interpret the words spoken, you need to consider body language, tone, volume and eye responses.

This language is one of the hardest languages to learn, right behind Mandarin Chinese.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Byron Nelson

Many of my friends have heard me tell this story but as it is one of my favorites, I will repeat it on this blog.

In the year 2000, Tiger Woods won six tournaments in a row and the talk of golf was whether he would break the great Byron Nelson’s record of 11 consecutive victories. Tiger’s feat made me think of how much I admired Mr. Nelson. I had read books written by him and books about him. I had listened to him on television. I decided to write him a fan letter. In an attempt to get Mr. Nelson’s address, I searched the internet. I knew he lived in Texas so I typed in “Byron Nelson, Texas”. The search resulted in five or six Byron Nelsons. They all had addresses listed except for one, who lived in Roanoke, Texas, with a phone number listed but not an address. Somewhere in the back of my mind I remembered that Mr. Nelson lived in Roanoke. I decided to call the number in anticipation that a maid or r other employee would answer the phone and I planned to ask for the address so I could send Mr. Nelson a letter of appreciation. I dialed the number and the phone rang.

I was speechless, when Mr. Nelson answered the phone. I stammered “Is this Byron Nelson”? He answered yes.

I asked, “the golfer”? He said, “I used to be”.

Not knowing what else to say, I said “ Hello Mr. Nelson, this is Bud Headman from Utah”. Mr. Nelson said “Hello Bud” and a conversation ensued.

We talked for about 15 minutes. He asked me what my handicap was and I told him 12. He said it was hard to be a 12. I said it certainly was. We talked about a British Open in the late 1940’s. We talked about a Ryder Cup in the 1950’s. He told me that he had played in Utah in late 1940’s or early 1950’s. I told him how much I respected and admired him for how he led his life. To me he was a great golfer but seemed to be a greater person.

I thanked him for talking to me and apologized for bothering him. I told him I would had never called if I had thought he would be the person answering the phone. He told me it was no bother and he had enjoyed the conversation.

I asked if it would be ok for me to send him a thank you letter. He said that would be nice and he gave me his address. I wrote him a short letter thanking him for his time. My letter asked for nothing from him.

Two weeks letter I went to my mailbox to get the day’s mail. There was a large mailing envelop in the box that had no return address. I took it in the house to open it. To my surprise and pleasure was an 8 x 10 glossy photo of Mr. Nelson inscribed “To Bud, from Byron Nelson”.

This photo, now framed , is one of the treasures of my life.

James Dodson

I love to read - fiction, non fiction, books, magazines, blogs, and what have you. When I eat cereal for breakfast, I read the cereal box. What the heck is niacin? Please pass the riboflavin.

One of of my favorite authors is James Dodson. His "Final Rounds" is one of my favorite alltime books. Mr. Dodson is the author of "Ben Hogan; the Authorized Biography", "The Dewsweepers" and he worked with Arnold Palmer on Arnold's " A Golfers Life". Mr. Dodson has also written several non-golf books, two of which I have read and very much enjoyed: "Faifthful Travelers" and "The Road to Somewhere". Mr. Dodson's newest book "A Son of the Game" is just coming out. His books are about people. His words make you feel emotion for whatever his subject is; famous golfers, his father, his kids or even a garden. I recommend you buy a copy of his newest work and go back and read his other works.

Well for me, back to the cereal box.

Monday, March 23, 2009


I spent the weekend in Palm Desert and came back to a snowy Salt Lake City. Friday I played golf and for me played fairly well. It makes you wonder why you don't play well all the time. I found the answer to that question:

"The fundamental problem with golf is that every so often, no matter how lacking you may be in the essential virtues required of a steady player, the odds are that one day you will hit the ball straight, hard, and out of sight. This is the essential frustration of this excruciating sport. For when you've done it once, you make the fundamental error of asking yourself why you can't do this all the time. The answer to this question is simple: the first time was a fluke." -Colin Bowles

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Today is our 5th wedding anniversary. I cannot believe that it has already been five years since Sharon and I wed on the 14th hole of Ironwood Country Club's South Course. As we said the "I Do's" the coyotes in the nearby mountains began to howl. We were blessed to have our wedding music provided by the birds and coyotes of Palm Desert. After the ceremony we, together with about 30 friends and family members, had champagne and then drove our golf carts to the Club House for dinner. Each year, Sharon and I drive our golf cart to the site of the wedding and toast each other with champagne. The photo on the left side of the screen is the 14th hole. So a toast to my bride, my love and my friend -- Happy Anniversay Dear.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March 18, 2009

A friend of ours passed away a few days ago after a long illness. She and her husband fought her disease valiantly for several years. She was a lovely person, beautiful outside and inside. She always had a smile. She loved golf and loved to play golf with her husband and her friends. She was always fun to be around. Although her friends knew the end was coming, I am profoundly saddened by her passing. I pray for her husband, who is my good friend, and for her family.

The death of a friend makes me realize that I should be better in taking the time to show love and appreciation to my friends and family. To tell them I love and care about them, and to consider how they add to my life, or more specifically, how they are my life.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Simple Golf

Happy St. Patrick's day. I forgot to wear green. Maybe I just wanted to pinch myself. I finshed my 10 day golf excursion to Palm Desert. Great fun, great weather and great parties. My partner in the Ironwood Member-Guest, Steve, and I had a fun tournament but played poorly. On Sunday I gave Steve a ride home to Salt Lake.

I played golf 9 straight days. I think if you play 10 straight days, you have to join the Union. One good thing was that I learned a simple golf swing instruction. Here it is, try it next time out:

The whole body must turn on the pivot of the head of the right thigh-bone working in the cotyloidal cavity of the os innominatum or pelvic bone, the head, right knee, and right foot remaining fixed with the eyes riveted on the ball. In the upward swing, the vertebral column rotates upon the head of the right femur, the right knee being fixed; and as the club-head nears the ball, the fulcrum is rapidly changed from right to the left hip, the spine now rotating on the left thigh-bone, the left knee being fixed; and the velocity is accelerated by the arms and wrists, in order to add the force of the muscles to the weight of the body, thus gaining the greatest impetus possible.

-Arnold Haultain, The Mystery of Golf, 1910

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Club Champion

Last week my wife Sharon, a six handicap, won the Ironwood Country Club's women club championship. It was a tough three day event. I was extremely proud of her. We have had so many supportive comments from our friends concerning Sharon's great success.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March 10, 2009

Today I played golf with Steve and Mike at Andalusia Country Club in La Quinta, CA. It was a beautiful day, a beautiful course (a Reese Jones designed course) and great companionship. Mike, our host, is by the far the best golfer of the three of us and he won all of the money. We had a nice leisurely lunch on the club patio after golf. On the last hole I hit a ball in the water on my third shot to the par five hole. The ball was only half submerged and I almost made the manly decision to take my shoes off and hit it out of the lake. However, I came to my senses and took a penalty drop and ultimately made a 20 foot put for a bogey and tied the hole.

Tonight we had cocktails and dinner with friends Kent and Nedra, Steve and Cathy and new friends Stephanie and Scott at the Lavender Bistro, in La Quinta, CA.

Monday, March 9, 2009

First Entry

3/9/2009- Palm Desert.

I just set this blog up today and I am not totally certain what I am doing to how to do it. It is my intent to discuss things I am interested in about life, travel, golf, law and current events. There will be no particular theme. I will likely add photos from time to time. If you have have a suggestion or comment, please feel free to express it.

Today my wife and I played golf at our country club in Palm Desert, CA. We played with friends and then visited with them at their condo after golf. Over the next five days I will play five rounds a golf, including three rounds in a member-guest tournament. Most evenings we have dinners and parties scheduled. It will be a fun, but very busy week.