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Friday, September 18, 2009

Pick Myself Up

After dizziness, sweats and other ailments yesterday, and an unscheduled trip to the doctors, the doctors have concluded I definitely have diabetes. That is combined with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. The Lovely Sharon is helping me get on a program of better eating habits, blood sugar monitoring and medication. At the end of the day yesterday, I was pretty depressed. Reading books about organ failure, amputations and other ghastly things. I awoke at 4:00 am today, tested my blood sugar, made coffee and read various news stories on the internet.  With the dawn of a new day (figuratively said since its still dark outside) I am ready to get back on the horse and gallop across the prairie. I am not certain what that means but it sounded good until I reread it and now I realize its sounds stupid. So lets try again, "I am going to get back in the golf cart and head to the first tee".

I try to write blog entries that provide humor or pathos to the reader. To stir the emotion of the reader with laughter, with descriptions of beautiful and emotional things and with words that swell the heart, has been my direction. I like to point out the humor and absurdity in everyday life. There is plenty of that. So after feeling sorry for myself last night, I am looking at the Big Picture again this morning.

For example, (I already told a couple of friends who read this blog about this event so I hope they bear with me). As described in the previous blog entry, last week a swarm of us went to McCall, Idaho for a golf tournament and nearly week long party. After the final round of golf, the Lovely Sharon and I, went to a jewelry store to check out things. We looked around and decided to buy a couple of reasonably priced pieces of costume type jewelry. Sharon found a very pretty star burst type necklace. As the jeweler was ringing it up, he said it was a unique and nice piece that should hold up well but it could be damaged if Sharon sat on it. To me it was an absurd statement. It made me want to ask him to show us some necklaces that Sharon could sit on. I have thought about this for a week and it continues to make me wonder why the jeweler thought this advice was necessary. It is kind of like asking a waiter at a fancy restaurant if the prime rib dinner is good and having him respond, "It is very good, unless you sit on it." Oh in that case I will have pasta, its always nice to sit on.

A number of years ago, Son Alex and I were on a plane heading somewhere on an adventure. He was reading the back of his ticket (this was before the time of e-tickets and before 9/11 related travel restrictions) and he pointed out to me that it violated FAA rules to set off flares or fireworks on the plane. It made me wonder what events had actually happened that made the government adopt this prohibition and  require the airlines to print it on the back of the ticket. When Alex read these rules to me I immediately could picture a passenger lining the aisle  of the Boeing 737 with a series of flares leading from his seat to the bathroom. Because of this rule, the flight attendant would have to say "I am sorry sir, but you can't light those flares on this flight. This is a non smoking flight and a non-flare lighting flight. And by the way, you are going to have to put those roman candles away."

On another adventure, Son Alex and I went to San Francisco when he was about 10 years old.  It was just the two of us.  We were walking near Union Square and this woman was walking toward us on the sidewalk.  Her "Bosum" was colossal.  It looked like the front end of 1961 Cadilac.  It looked like a couple of nuclear warheads arising out of a bomb silo on the Kansas prairie during the cold war days  Despite being with my young impressionable son, I could not quit looking at this woman (ok, or a part of this woman) as she approached us.   I was not at that time paying any attention to where Alex was looking but when the woman got to within about five feet from us, 10 year old Son Alex said in an accent like "Scotty" on Star Trek,  "Watch out dad their gonna blow".  I almost could not walk any further because I was laughing so hard.  Out of the mouths of babes.

Today the Lovely Sharon and I have 1:45 pm golf with dear friends Norm and Terry.

Enjoy your life, love your family and friends. Hug them and tell them you love them.  Look for things that make you laugh and swell your heart with emotion.

Well back to the news

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  1. Please don't take the diabetes news lightly! I grew up on the diabetes diet and it's not that bad--but does not include donuts and yellow cakes with chocolate frosting! Eat your fruits and vegetables! DC