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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weekend Stuff (Mostly Depressing)

Yesterday I dropped the Lovely Sharon off at the airport. She is in Temecula, CA playing in the Southern California Golf Association club champion’s tournament. As many of you know, Sharon is the 2009 Ladies Club Champion at Ironwood Country Club in Palm Desert, CA and therefore she was invited to play in the Temecula tournament. She won’t be back in Salt Lake until Wednesday. Although I miss her, I am so proud of her to qualify to play in this champion’s tournament. Although I have focused on the humorous aspect of our marriage in this blog, the Lovely Sharon is my true love and is always trying to help me do better and be better, a difficult task for her. I look forward to her call this evening. OK enough of the mushy stuff.

OK, the rest of this blog entry is probably depressing so you may want to go to a humorous web site. Check out, “We are from the government and we are here to help”. I am feeling a little dark tonight so you may want to avoid the rest of this essay.

Friday afternoon we played golf with our dear friends Norm and Terry. We have not seen them in a couple of weeks and it was a true pleasure to golf with them and to have dinner together at the club. Terry’s father passed away this year and her mother has recently broken her hip. Life problems are there to deal with for each of us. I am sad for them.

Just when we think we have things going good, something comes up for us, our family or our friends that sets us back. I just found at today that one of my dear golfing buddy’s baby was stillborn Friday, what a devastating turn of events for this wonderful family. My love goes out to them. My friend is a Mormon Bishop and spends much of his time helping others with their problems. He is a kind, wonderful man. I love you pal and my heart goes out to you and your wife.

I went to Church today. After the service I talked with my dear friend Monsignor Terry Moore, the wonderful Irish born Pasteur of the St John’s the Baptist Parish. He is my religious leader, my friend and my neighbor. He is one of the nicest and kindest human beings I have ever met. Monsignor Moore told me that someone stole his golf clubs out of his garage. His garage was open and he was in the house talking Church business on the phone. When he went back to his garage he saw that that his golf clubs were gone. I can understand a hungry man stealing a loaf of bread at the convenience store or a new poor, single mother stealing milk for her baby. But to steal golf clubs from anyone is an immoral act and to steal golf clubs from a priest is a cardinal sin. I think in the gospel of St. John, or maybe its in Revelation, it says something like thou shall not covet or steal the Callaway’s of a religious leader. I am pretty certain that the thief or the receiver of stolen property who buys the clubs will probably hit horrible shots with the stolen clubs. I think this sin is worthy of Old Testament type punishment, a plague of locusts, a plague of boils, a seven year drought or at least a case of the perpetual shanks. Throw the thief in jail for life, no parole.

The University of Utah and BYU both played poorly and got beat yesterday. I am a Utah alumni and fan but also pull for BYU until they play Utah. Then I want Utah to demolish them. Both teams were highly ranked and both looked horrible.

If you read my Thursday blog, you aware of my recent diagnosis of diabetes. Since Thursday I have taken the pills, watched my diet but the blood sugar numbers are not coming down yet. I keep poking my fingers and using the meter but no changes yet. I am a little down.

The government is still in disarray over health care. I don’t care if you are democrat or republican, conservative or liberal, American citizens ought to have reasonably priced access to health care regardless of income, regardless of preexisting conditions and regardless of employer. We are funding libraries and schools in Africa, the Iraq war, the Afghanistan war, weapons for Europe and Israel, but we can’t provide healthcare to all Americans. It’s a tragedy. I do not understand middle class people who oppose a government option for those with no other choices. The proposal is not to have a government only healthcare system; it is to provide a failsafe for those who aren’t covered. These healthcare rallies, are scary, people showing up with guns, signs that say we will bring weapons next time. I assume if you are carrying a gun at a rally or threaten to bring one, you intend to use it. Do you want you kids or spouse to attend a rally where people are screaming and carrying weapons? This behavior scares me to death. These people have such venom and such hatred that it is un-American. Are the senior citizens at these rally’s who oppose a government option willing to give up their Medicare? Are the Veteran’s willing to give up their VA healthcare? I think not. Is it socialist for the rest of us to pay taxes used for their healthcare?  The banks, brokerage firms, auto companies, and other companies that receive government bail outs all provide healthcare for employees when these companies are receiving bailout money. So who doesn’t have healthcare, its many small business employees, the poor, and those with preexisting conditions, among others. I have a friend who is opposed to healthcare reform but he has a daughter with severe health issues. He is trying to get her set up to be covered with health insurance in a manner in which she might not be truly qualified. He is trying to manipulate the sytem.  The reason why, is that her condition requires expensive treatments and care that are not covered by his insurance. Here is a man that pays his taxes, helps his neighbors, employs people in his small business, but his daughter is not covered by insurance. This is wrong. He has helped people his whole life and when he needs help, his daughter is not covered. How can he be opposed to reform? I know many of you don’t agree with me, but if you are not covered or you kids or parents are not covered then I will be surprised if you are opposed to a government alternative. Do you really think Blue Cross is there to help you. I have expensive insurance from my firm that I pay a big part of. However, I was not covered for a recent colonoscopy. My wife was not fully covered for a recent mammogram.

OK, this was a not a fun or inspiring blog entry, I know it and you know it. Just write it off to me having an off weekend. I promise next entry will be humorous or inspiring.

PS, keep your garage door closed.

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