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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Enough of these Ads

I am not a prude but I am getting pretty tired of  the erectile disfunction ads on tv. They are especially prevalent during sporting events.  I suppose guys are so tied up in tv sports they are unable to get involved in romance.  Or maybe they are tied up in sports, because they can't get involved in romance.  Boston Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is marrried to super model and all around goddess Giselle.  Can you imaging her walking into Tom's man cave in her teeny lingerie with a seductive look, and Tom saying, "Sorry babe I gotta watch NASCAR."

You have seen the one ad where a couple is on the beach sitting in separate bathtubs looking at the sunset.  No wonder the fellow couldn't perform, he must have been exhausted after hauling two cast iron bathtubs to the beach from who knows where.  Can you  imaging even trying to lift one end up by yourself.  If it were me in the situation I can picture getting the following instructions from the Lovely Sharon:

"Listen and listen good buster. First, you are going to drag those two cast iron bathtubs 200 yards across the sand to the edge of the water.  Then you are going to make 40 trips from the hot water spout to the bathtubs with a five gallon can of hot water to fill up each tub.  Then you are gonna come back and get me and walk me to the tub and help me get in.  Then you are gonna go back to the car for wine, wine glasses, cheese and flowers.  Then you are gonna get in the tub and say romantic stuff to me.  When you are done with all that stuff, I expect a pretty stong romantic performance out of you.  Got it?"

Whew, no wonder the poor sap needs a couple of pills.  They could use the same advertisement for high bood pressure pills or for using aspirin to prevent heart attacks.

The other erectile disfunction add that you see a lot is the one where the woman looks seductively at the man, then tosses her magazine away.  His eyes brighten up and he throws the tv remote out into the yard. When your kids or grandkids ask you why he threw the remote in the yard what do you say?  "Its an old world mating ritual."  I think not, you make up some lie.

Today I was in the drive thru at McDonalds for my morning Sausage Burrito. I was listening to the Dan Patrick sport talk radio show when an ad for "adult toys" came on.  Adult toys at 7:15 a.m., oh please.  When your kid or grandkid asks you what is an adult toy what do you say:  Well son, that would be the 38 foot long, 500 horsepower Winnebago, with a built in shower, two tv's and  room for a family of five."

OK enough of that.  Some of you know of the Lovely Sharon's golf shoe collection and about the wedding golf shoes I bought her.  Her wedding golf shoes and a brief article about them are featured on the following website:  Check it out.   The shoes in the picture are her actual shoes from photos I took at Ironwood golf course. It is so nice to be married to a woman with famous feet.  I guess I can wait on the romance pills for a few more months.

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