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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Commenting on this Blog

I started writing this blog in March 2009. I had been reading blogs, political blogs, legal issues blogs, economic blogs, humor blogs, golf blogs, personal musing blogs, blogs of all sorts. I wondered how you set up a blog. I wondered if it cost to establish a blog. I wondered if I would have anything of interest to write and I wondered if anyone would read what I wrote. When I first started I found myself to be self conscious and self editing. That has evolved to now; where I just write. I get an idea and I just start writing. Some entries might be adequate others are not. But what has been a pleasure for me, are the comments I have received from readers.

Although you can leave a comment with directly on this blog most comments have come from readers emailing me directly. If you want to leave a comment directly on this blog, you click on the word “Comment” written in gold at the bottom of each blog entry. For example, look at dated February 24, 2010. At the bottom of the blog printed in gold letter it reads “1 Comment”. If you click on the work “Comment” up comes an empty white box that is entitled “Post a Comment”. You write your comment in that box. Below the comment box is a smaller box entitled “Comment As”. If you click that box, several options come up. You can leave a comment anonymously, you can leave your name, you can leave your name and email address (your URL) etc.

The Lovely Sharon has left comments directly on this blog. My ex –wife has left comments directly on the blog . The Lovely Sharon’s ex-husband’s wife has left a comment directly on the blog. So have friends, co-workers and in a couple of instances total strangers. It is easy to do. If you want to do so, please feel free. You can criticize me, agree with me, or add some observation of your own.

Most comments I have received on various blog entries have been in the form of direct emails to me and not as comments posted directly on the blog. Some of these have been very funny. Some have corrected an error I made (which unfortunately I am bound to do), some say something in support of the Lovely Sharon, some say something written has touched them, or made them laugh or raised their ire either toward me or something I have written. I really do appreciate comments.

In the last week or some I have had the following email comments on different posts:

“I was having a downer day, feeling blue, the post about the 65 year old naked woman made me laugh.”

Regarding my post of February 24, 2010, my friend Rick wrote me “ I can't believe you singled out blued eyed, blond haired Swedes. Fortunately the blond has turned to a "lighter blond" that many mistake for gray. Maybe with the gray I won't be profiled and inappropriately groped/frisked. Although if she is a blond haired Swede the groping could be enjoyable.”

After reading my posting about Dentist Glenn from Minnesota, my friend Norm wrote me an email offering a bribe if I did not blog about him. This maybe a good way to supplement my income. Being paid by people not to blog about them. It is like the government paying farmers not to grow certain crops. It is like the government bailing out big banks with cash so these same banks can not make loans to small business and citizens. That leaves more money for  executive bonuses.   Very nice.

In a recent post, I mistakenly referred to late night talk show host Craig Ferguson as Irish. He is of Scottish heritage but recently has become a US citizen. My friend Dennis wrote “ Bud, I couldn't post this on your blog for some reason, but Craig Ferguson is Scottish not Irish. They could start a war over stuff like that........oh they did?.oops!!!”.   So after not receiving an email from Dennis for months I get an email correcting  my geneological error.  After reading Dennis’ email I corrected the error.

My point in this blog entry is to encourage readers to feel comfortable in responding to my writings either in an email to me or directly on this blog, anonymously or with their name attached.

If I don’t like what you say, I will of course put a dead fish in your mailbox or, if you recall the movie “The Godfather”, you may find yourself waking up with a bloody horse head in your bed.

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