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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More Great News Stories

Treat Em Like Dogs.  Republican US Congress candidate from Iowa, Pat Bertroche, an Iowa physician, while discussing how to handle the immigration problem said:

"I think we should catch 'em, we should document 'em, make sure we know where they are and where they are going," I actually support microchipping them. I can microchip my dog so I can find it. Why can't I microchip an illegal"?

I really hope this idea does not catch on.  The next thing you know, the Lovely Sharon would be pushing to put a microchip in me to make sure she knows where I am and where I am going. However, with all the sex scandals in Congress, Republicans and Democrats alike, maybe we should microchip all those folks in congress.  Remember Larry Craig, the wide spreader senator caught passing foot signals in a Detroit airport men's room.  The secret service could have used the microchip tracker to follow the wide spreader and on their walkie talkies you could have heard:  "Senator Craig is in stall 3 of the men's room by gate 37 in concourse D.  Better check it out."

Dead Guy on a Motorcycle.   This is truly bizarre from Huffington Post:

Morticians at a Puerto Rican funeral home chose to display the body of David Morales Colón on his Honda motorcycle rather than in a traditional casket, as shown in the video below.   Colón, 22, was murdered last Thursday in his San Juan neighborhood. . For his wake, the Marin Funeral Home dressed the young man in his typical riding clothes, helmet included, on top of his beloved motorcycle.

Check out the video of the dearly departed:

So if it is proper to be displayed at your wake doing something your good at,  I suppose  when I go to the great beyond I will be propped up by a urinal at my wake.

Arizona "Stop a Mexican Law".    Although I am totally opposed to this bill, believe it to be not only racist, but un-American, if it is successful in stopping the in flow of illegal aliens, the law could be used by other states and cities for varying purposes.  Consider:

San Francisco -   There are some illegal Asisans working in sweat shops in the Bay area.  Pass a law and pull over anyone who looks Asian. Oh, that could be half the city.

Minnesota- Anyone who looks Norweigian should be pulled over.  You never know, could be illegal.  If you see a Norweigian driving a Fjord truck, you know there is trouble afoot. (I really hope you are quick enough to understand that extremely hilarious reference).

Utah -  Anyone who looks like or sounds like a Democrat, pull em over, and asked for their Republican party card. If they can't produce it, send em to New York.

More Utah -  Any woman who walks around with 5 other similar looking women with french braid hairdoos, no makeup and long blue dresses, accompanied by 65 kids, could be polygamists, pull em over.  Oh, they are polygamist, so we just leave them alone.

Washington D.C. -  Anyone who looks or sounds like an ahole, should be pulled over, could be a member of congress.

Boob Blogs   Now here is something I could get behind: A Bard College blog is prompting students to take their shirts off for the world to see. Called Boobs@Bard, the site hosts nine pages of naked torsos. That's right -- just boobs.   Maybe next posting I will take my shirt off.   I  am pretty certain I could get my Utah pals Gordon, Dennis C, Mark P, and Steve R to do a boob posting.  Keep checking.

Well enough of the news for today.


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  1. Bud, always good for a chuckle the Fjord truck reference was a good one. Keep them coming my dear cousin :) Chandra