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Saturday, September 25, 2010

More Things I Like

There are a number of things I like. I mean I just like em; sometimes for good reason sometimes for no good reason. In previous postings on this blog I have mentioned some things I like, here are some more. If there are things you like, I would love to hear about them, you can leave a comment on this blog and share them with the other readers or just send me an email.

Kids Laughing. Last Saturday, while we were golfing at Wasatch State Park, there were several groups of kids playing near the pond on the corner of the property. They were playing, screaming and laughing around the lake in the midday sun. Their laughter was like music. When I heard it, I stopped playing golf and looked over to where they were playing. The sounds made me smile, made me feel good and certainly made me glad I heard them. Pure, sincere, uninhibited laughter of a group of children is something special.

Buttered Popcorn at the Movies. Diet or no diet, its darn hard to go to a movie and not order a big container of heavily butter and salted popcorn. I am pretty sure this is good for your health.

Aerial Photos of Lake Powell. From satellites or low flying airplanes, photos of Lake Powell from above are very cool.

The Inauguration of an American President. I don’t care if the new president is a Democrat or a Republican or whether I voted for or against him. I am always thrilled to watch a new President get sworn into office. The pageantry, the music, the flag fluttering in the wind on a January day. The simple act of placing a hand on the Bible and repeating an oath to serve and defend. This represents the fundamental greatness of America. We change our President by a vote of the people. We don’t assassinate or drive into exile the previous President. We have a civil and deferential turnover of power to a new President. This ceremony always chokes me up and makes me proud to be an American. I feel this way even if I don’t care for the new President.

The American Flag. This is somewhat the same concept as the previous item. Picture an American flag fluttering against a blue sky. How does it make you feel. What does it make you think about. It makes me feel respectful. It makes me feel blessed. It makes me feel that I have the right to disagree with you or with the government about issues of the day. I am patriotic toward America but I think that is a different thing that being supportive of a government position or being a puppet for a particular party or a particular leader. One of my favorite sayings is “Dissent does not equal disloyalty”. You can criticize Obama, or Bush or Reagan or Clinton during each of their presidencies, you can dislike them, but that does not make you disloyal to America. When US first went to war in Iraq after 9/11, I opposed it and I still opposed the war. The Iraqi’s were not the architects or actors in 9/11, by and large it was the Saudi’s. We didn’t invade Saudi Arabia. During the first few years of this the longest war in American history, more than a few of my friends questioned my loyalty because I spoke out against the invasion. These days after thousands of deaths of American military personnel, tens of thousands maimed for life and billions of dollars of costs, fewer people criticize me than previously but there still are some. I criticize the government under Obama for still having us in Iraq just as I criticized George W for getting us there in the first place. The Flag is a symbol of my right to criticize the government just as it is a symbol of your right to criticize me. I believe each of us has the responsibility to speak up when we disagree. It is sometimes difficult to speak your opinion, especially in a group situation, but I think it is important in all things to stand up and be counted for what you think is right. When I see the Flag, it reminds me of this right and this obligation.

Dawn. I love dawn and the early morning. The time before of the sun comes up when it is just barely light. I love the feel of that time of day. It is generally quiet and cool. It is a time when I have hope of a good day ahead, a mini new beginning of life. Do better today, be nicer today, help someone today.

Pictures of the Lovely Sharon. I can’t get enough of them. They make me feel good.

Ocean Avenue in Carmel, CA. I have been to Carmel, California forty or fifty times. I was there in June of this year for the U.S. Open. I love to walk down Ocean Avenue on the right side of the avenue as you face toward the Ocean and then walk back up on the other side. We look in all the shop windows and walk in and browse in many of them. You can smell coffee and baked goods, the air is usually comfortably cool. If its late afternoon, maybe we stopped for a glass of wine.

Art Galleries. I have no training in art. I have limited knowledge about art and artists. But I love and appreciate art. I love paintings and photographs. I love pottery and glassware. I love sculptures. I love to walk into art galleries in Palm Desert, San Francisco, New York and Carmel.

Things my Parents Taught Me. Just like a statement from the Bible, I was born of goodly parents. I think often about the lessons they taught me. Be kind to all, work hard, don’t be envious, be genuinely happy at the successes of your friends and neighbors. Be honest. Help the less fortunate. Help your neighbors, family and even strangers without having to be asked. Get the job done and do it right. Respect everyone regardless of position, wealth, education, job status, religious preference or sexual preference. I have always tried to live by these principles. I have not always been successful, but I have tried. Can you imagine if the Democrats and Republicans threw away their political platforms, and just tried to do those things my parents taught me as a boy? Our society would be better for it.

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