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Friday, October 22, 2010

Thirty Years Later

I turned 58 years old today. I cannot believe it, I am 58 years old. My back feels 58 years old, but my mind, my personality, my excitement for life, and my curiosity are about 22 years old. It is hard to believe that I was 28 years old 30 years ago, in 1980. Lately I have been thinking about things that are different for me, for life and for the world since 1980 and the things that are the same.

Things that are different. These things are not meant to be funny, nor negative nor positive. They are just things are different (or that I perceive to be different) since my 28th birthday.

I had no son 30 years ago. Now I have a fine 27 year old son, “Son Alex” and two fine stepsons. I also have a beautiful daughter-in-law and grand daughter.

I did not play golf in 1980, I now play golf.

In 1980 I did not google anything, I did not email, I did not text anyone. I did not use the internet. Today I actively do all of these things.

In 1980 I did not have a cell phone. I have since had 10 or 12 different cell phones.

In 1980 University of Utah football team was not very good. They lost five games, they won five games and they tied one game. They lost to Boise state 28-7, they lost to Nebraska 55-9, they lost to Wyoming 24-21, they lost to BYU 56-6 and they lost to San Diego State 21-20. This year Utah is currently undefeated.

In 1980 my father was 54 and my mother was 52. My father is now 84 and my mother is 82.

In 1980 I did not care that much for the Palm Springs area. I now love the Palm Springs area.

Not only was I not leery of Muslims in 1980, I did not think much about them one way or another. Wrongly or rightly, I am now leery about Muslims. I now know much more about the Mid East, Islam and Muslims.

In 1980,I never thought about a black person being President of the United States. Now, the fact that a person is black, Hispanic, or Asian would have no bearing on my view of their qualifications to be President.

In 1980 Utah’s Governor was a Democrat (Scott Mattheson). Utah had Democratic Governors from 1924 to 1944 and from 1964 to 1984. All Utah governors since January 1985 have been Republicans.

In 1980, I thought the Republican Party was dumb. Not individual Republicans, just the leaders, elected and otherwise. Now I think the Republican Party and the Democratic Party are dumb.

I never thought about gay marriage in 1980. Now I think about it and frankly have no objection to it.

As of 1980, I had never been to Europe. I have now been to Europe 7 or 8 times.

I did not expect live TV coverage of all news events 1980. I now expect live coverage of any news events: wars, earthquakes, crime, trials, people growing giant pumpkins etc.

I love my friends. I don’t think I knew very many of my current friends 30 years ago.

In 1980, reality TV was the news or sports on TV. Now reality TV is all kinds of everyday life action. 1n 1980 did you ever think you could watch the following on TV (or for that matter that you would want to?)

            New Jersey Housewives fighting, swearing, and crying
            Overweight people getting weighed in front of cameras
            Football players or other athletes dancing
           Watching people clean and  throw junk away that had been stored in their house and garage (the “Hoarder Shows”)
            Watching someone paint their rumpus room green (or any color) on a home makeover show
            Watching big trucks drive the ice road to Alaska

Things That are the Same

I still love reading, books, libraries, and books stores.

I still love going to the movies.

I still love most types of music.

I still love to take photos.

I still like to look at a beautiful woman.

I still believe life tomorrow can be better than life today.

I still like sports.

I still believe in being kind, nice, and honest.

I still think it is important to help people.

I still am not that interested in going to church regularly. I go more often than I did in 1980, but now it’s the Catholic Church not the Mormon Church.

Orrin Hatch is still a US Senator from Utah. When he ran in 1976, his biggest campaign issue was that Utah Senator Frank Moss had been a Senator for 18 years and that was just too long. Hatch has been a senator now for 34 years and will undoubtedly run for reelection in 2012.

I still appreciate my parents.

I still have doubts about self worth.

I still get excited about beautiful things, the National Anthem, the autumn leaves.

Autumn is still my favorite time of year.

I still think neither figure skating or synchronized swimming is a sport. I still don’t like watching either activity.

Arnold Palmer is still an icon.

I still like living in Salt Lake City

As life moves on, some things remain the same, some things change.

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  1. Bud,
    I knew there was a reason I liked you so much and it turns out that we share a birthday. Hope your day was as good as mine. Look forward to seeing you in the desert. We head West tomorrow.
    Bill Gibbons