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Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Rant

I understand that we are difficult economic times both for our federal and state governments and for each of us as individual citizens. I am personally feeling the global financial meltdown. I am opposed to needless federal, state and local government regulation and I am opposed to needless government spending. But with that said I am alarmed at comments and actions of many right wing politicians.

Utah Republican Party Vice Chairman Lowell Nelson and Secretary Drew Chamberlain stated on a Utah radio program that they would do away with Social Security, Medicaid and public education. If you don’t think that is a little frightening, I would be surprised. These two men have the roles of getting Republican candidates elected to office in Utah. Do you really want leaders with those beliefs? Do we really want to do away with public education? Nelson said we have socialized public education and it could be done away with. If “socialization” means that citizens at large pay for the common good then of course it is socialized. Should we do away with public libraries? Should we do away with public law enforcement and fire departments? These too are socialized. What about the military, should we do away with a government funded military? Where do you stop? In a time where we are attempting to compete in world markets with China, Europe and other competitors do we really think it is a good idea to do away with public education? Are those beliefs the belief’s you want from political leaders?

Republican Presidential candidate Rick Perry is another frightening person. Two years ago or so, while he was governor of Texas, he talked about Texas seceding from the United States. Do you remember that, he actually discussed Texas not being a State in the United States? Do you really want a President who gave thought to his state leaving the Union?

Presidential candidate, Michelle Bachman has promised to do away with the Environmental Protection Agency. We have all complained or ridiculed various EPA regulations of one sort or another. But do we really want to get rid of restrictions on industry disposing of chemical and other waste in our rivers, our lakes, our oceans and our air. Is that a good thing? Do we believe that if left on their own that these industries will do the right thing?

It appears that there are many claiming to want to not just reduce excessive regulation and eliminate non helpful regulation but to essentially eliminate government and give industry and financial institutions the power to rule or at least to provide no restrictions on them. If you have a vicious dog, do you let him run loose in the neighbor without restriction? I have a hard time believing that Goldman Sachs or British Petroleum or others of that ilk are going to conduct their business for the good of the citizen. I have a hard time believing that Hospital Corporation of America or Blue Cross are going to make decisions for my individual good. They will make decisions for based upon profit. We all seem to hate Obama Care. The rally cry is to do away with it. Do we really think the Obama Care requirement that a person cannot be denied health care coverage because of a pre-existing condition should be done away with?

I get the feeling that many are essentially proposing a society of tribes rather than have a government that attempts to deal issues facing the collectively “we” in America. I keep thinking of the old adage, “be careful what you wish for.

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