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  • Zero day by David Baldacci ( I read all of Baldacci's Books)
  • Northwest Angle - William Kent Krueger (fiction - I have read 5 or 6 books by this author)
  • Camelot's Court-Insider the Kennedy Whitehouse- Robert Dallek
  • Childe Hassam -Impressionist (a beautiful book of his paintings)

Friday, January 31, 2014

The Perfect Week - Redux

A Repost


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Perfect Week

Last week was a perfect week. Not a good week, not a great week, it was a perfect week. It was United States Open week and the Open was held at Pebble Beach. I have been to Pebble Beach and the Carmel area many times during my life. Over the years I have played many rounds of golf on famous and not so famous courses in the area. When I first started dating the Lovely Sharon, the first trip we took together was to play golf at the world famous Cypress Point Golf Club. When Son Alex was just a lad he and I did one of our boys trip to San Francisco and Carmel. So the area has sentimental and romantic meaning for me.

I had never been to a US Open before and I thought that at least once in my life I would go. I know that you can see the tournament better on TV and I was not interested in going every day to the tournament. Just one day was all I needed. One day at the US Open walking the Links at Pebble Beach. I bought the tickets a couple of months ago and then organized a trip around the Friday round at the tournament.

The Lovely Sharon and I flew out of Salt Lake for San Jose early Wednesday morning. We arrived at our lodging in the Monterey area around noon and checked into our accommodations. Because of the US Open the hotels, motels and inns had all increased their prices significantly and some required five to seven days of reservations. By the time I had purchased the golf tickets many of the rooms were already gone. Our hotel reservations were for a place that might kindly be called a “Norman Bates Motel” in Seaside, California. For those of you who have seen the famous Alfred Hitchcock movie “Psycho” you know what a Norman Bates Motel is. The best thing I can say about this room was that no one was stabbed in the shower by a man wearing his mother’s clothes during our stay. Generally, we stay in high end hotels, accommodations that make you feel special, places you almost hate to leave. But on this trip, that was not the case. The room was clean but relatively small with spartan furnishings. You could not fully open the bathroom door as it would not go past the toilet. So you had to ease yourself into the bathroom on a sort of sideways basis, stand near the toilet and then close the door. There were two beds in the room and we each had our own. Every time I rolled over, the bottom sheet came off. I ended up sleeping on the bare mattress. The small sliding door overlooking the parking lot had shear curtains and heavier solid curtains to keep the daylight out. After we came back to the room the second night after our daily excursion, the heavier curtains were half hanging off the curtain rod. Although she worked on it, Sharon was unable to get the heavy curtains back on track. For most of the trip, when you walked into the room, it appeared as though monkeys had been playing on the curtains.

After we unpacked our bags at this shangri la, we drove to Pacific Grove for lunch. I got lost and ended up on the military base, the Presidio. The MP’s were nice enough not to taser us and directed us off of the base to main street of Pacific Grove where we had a nice lunch at Toadies. After lunch we headed for the famous 17 Mile Drive where we parked our car and walked to the rocky shore. We climbed on rocks and watched and listened to the waves crashing on the rocks around us. The sky was blue and the air was that crisp cool ocean side air that you always seem to have in Carmel. For me, a walk on the rocks near the ocean on the 17 Mile Drive has always been one of life’s great pleasures.

After our seaside adventure we drove to Carmel where we strolled down Ocean Avenue, going into some of the shops and window shopping at others. As we walked down the avenue, the Lovely Sharon informed me that on the last three trips to Pebble Beach I had purchased jewelry for her. As a securities lawyer I felt compelled to look romantically look into her eyes and tell her that “past performance is no assurance of future performance.” We walked to the bottom of the street, each of us contemplating past and future performance and then headed up the hill on the other side of Ocean Avenue. When came to a restaurant called Portobello which had a number of outdoor tables. We sat at one for awhile enjoying a nice white wine in the afternoon sun. We toasted each other and watched people stroll by. We talked to the two Frenchmen who owned the restaurant who made flattering compliments to the Mademoiselle Lovely Sharon as they sat at the adjoining table.

After lunch we found our car and headed out to find our friend Carol’s house. If you know Carmel you are aware of the winding roads that start and stop and seem to wind in every direction. After many false turns and wrong roads we found the house one street up from the ocean. She was not at home so we left a note.

By evening we were both tired so we found a seafood restaurant (the Fishwife”) near our Norman Bates Motel and had a casual dinner. Then back to the room.

On Thursday we played golf at the Pasadera Country Club which was a few miles up Highway 68 toward Salinas. This course is a Jack Nicklaus Signature course with many golf holes either straight up the hill or straight down the hill. Our golf pro at Ironwood in Palm Desert, talked with the Pasadera pro to arrange our round of golf. No one was ahead of us or behind us during the round so we had plenty of time to hit and lose golf balls and take pictures of the beautiful vistas. After the round while we were trying to figure out how many golf balls we each had lost, Sharon informed me that she had lost the same ball twice. I felt compelled to argue that you could not lose the same ball twice. The first loss was not in fact a loss. If it had been lost, then it would not have been possible to hit that ball again and lose it again. This argument carried no weight with the Lovely Sharon.

After golf we walked down Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterey where we watched and listened to the seals barking. We had clam chowder at a restaurant on the wharf where we had a window seat so we could see the sail boats and motorboats moored at the docks and watch the seabirds fly by.

Thursday evening we went back to Carmel for dinner at Bistro Giovanni. This restaurant was festive and intimate with good food. Most of the patrons were in town for the US Open. We met the Bistro owner who suggested we have one of the wines bottled specially for Bistro Giovanni. After dinner, we went back to our room and watched US Open highlights on TV before falling asleep.

We awoke Friday around 5:00 a.m. for our day at the US Open. I suppose I should say I awoke at 5:00. The Lovely Sharon appeared to be glued to her bed and made strange noises when I tried to nudge her awake. She is not a morning person but she finally asked me what the day looked like outside. Inasmuch as the curtains were still hanging off the rod I was able to look outside without having to open them. When I told her it looked gray and cold outside. She buried her head under her pillow and moaned. We finally left the room and were at the US Open by 7:00 a.m.

We arrived at the Open in a motor coach from the parking lot at the old Fort Ord. As we walked to the gates I can honestly tell you my heart was pounding. I was as excited as a six year old on Christmas morning. We walked passed signs that listed each US Open winner of the last 109 years and each course where the Open had been played. We finally reached shopping heaven- the enormous Merchandize tent that had anything and everything you could imagine, all with US Open 2010 logos. Hundreds of different hats, shirts, jackets, sweaters, bags, coasters, posters, photos, balls. At first we just walked around in awe trying to take it all in. The tent was filled with shoppers, most of whom had joyous looks on their face. Everyone was happy to be at the US Open and happy to be in the Merchandise tent. We were in the tent for at least 45 minutes and bought a number of treasures.

After shopping we headed for the course. Tiger Woods had teed off around 8:00 so we caught up with his group on the third hole. We followed him for awhile but his crowd was enormous and we struck out for less hectic locations. We spent 10 hours on the course, following different golfers, watching action at the 7th hole, 8th hole, the 12th hole and other places on the course. We followed Phil Michelson for a while (he shot 66 that day), and we saw all the big names and many of the small names play this great course. By noon or so the sun came out from the mist and the last half of the day was beautiful, blue sky, green grass, crashing waves. Excitement was everywhere with cheers for great shots and moans for near misses or disastrous shots. We ran into several friends who were at the tournament including friends we were playing golf with on Saturday.

Just after 5:00 p.m. we decided we were worn out and headed for the bus. As the bus took the 30 minute trip back to the parking lot, Sharon and I sat next to each other without speaking, each of us tired and each of us thinking about the day.

On Friday, we played golf at Monterey Peninsula Club’s Shore Course with friends Dick and Arlene. Dick and Arlene are members of the Monterey Peninsula Club and have a wonderful home just off of the driving range. Sharon had played the course before but I had not and it was a thrill to play this terrific golf course. Many of the holes bordered the ocean and the 17 Mile Drive. Every hole was beautiful, with ocean or forest views. Deer grazed on and nearby the course as we played. After golf we went to our hosts’ home and watched the Saturday round of the US Open.

Sunday we packed up, and headed to the San Jose airport. We arrived back in Salt Lake around 4:00 and headed home to watch the last 9 holes of the tournament on TV.

What a wonderful trip, playing golf, watching golf, and spending time with the Lovely Sharon and good friends in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. A lasting memory for me.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Thoughts About the Super Bowl

My brain is always working. I am always thinking about stuff and I am always analyzing life.  What is, what was and what might have been.  The Super Bowl is only 8 days away. As you may or may not know, this year’s game is being held in New Jersey in an outdoor stadium. Here are some of my Super Bowl thoughts:

Why would the NFL hold an early February outdoor football game in New Jersey?  Why not Miami, or in the Super Dome in New Orleans, or in San Diego or in Los Angeles or Phoenix. Who was the genius who came up with New Jersey? That is like holding the winter Olympics in Saudi Arabia.

Super Bowl tickets are expensive and lots of those people attending the game will be wealthy.  They will be so wealthy that they have their own private jets and will, accordingly, fly in their private jets to the game.  The closest airport to the football stadium is Teterboro Airport which is only 2 miles away.  Apparently,  more than 1,200 private jets are expected to fly into Teterboro for the game.  As you know, once a sporting event is over, people want to get home.  They don’t want to spend 2 hours in a parking lot waiting to get home.  Teterboro is only big enough for 400 take offs and landings a day.  So after the Super Bowl, the rich jet owners may have to wait for up to three days to leave New Jersey.  That is one reason the Lovely Sharon and I will not be attending the Super Bowl.  We do not want to get stuck in New Jersey for three days.  Of course they are other reasons we are not attending the game, such as we don’t have tickets or a private jet.

The words “Super Bowl” are apparently trademarked by the NFL.  You may notice that when a store that sells TV’s is encouraging you to buy a new big screen TV on which to watch the Super Bowl, they refer not to the “Super Bowl”, but to the “Big Game” or to some other similar non-Super Bowl designation. The same thing with supermarkets who want you to be ready for all of the junk food you eat during the Super Bowl.  The stores plead with you to be ready with snacks and junk food for the "Big Game" not for the Super Bowl.  

The trademark is beautiful.  It keeps people from calling something what it is unless you pay the NFL a licensing fee.  I am seriously thinking about trying to trademark a few words and phrases.  For instances consider:

“You idiot”
“What were you thinking?”
“Please put the toilet seat down and watch where you are aiming”
“I don’t think your underwear belongs on the floor”

If I had the trademark for these phrases, the Lovely Sharon could not say them to me unless she paid me a license fee.  If she wants to call me an idiot, she has to pay me.  If she wants to harass me because my aim over the toilet was off a little bit, she has to pay me.  This would result in one of two things; she would cut down on criticizing me for these minor matters or my personal net worth and ready cash would significantly increase.

Further, if I had the trademark for a##hole or chowder head, I would be collecting big time money from my friends and from strangers in parking lots.

This sounds like a great idea, however if I am golfing and I hit my usual bad shot and say to myself “you a##hole”, do I have to pay myself?


Friday, January 24, 2014

More Things I Like Redux


Saturday, September 25, 2010

More Things I Like

There are a number of things I like. I mean I just like em; sometimes for good reason sometimes for no good reason. In previous postings on this blog I have mentioned some things I like, here are some more. If there are things you like, I would love to hear about them, you can leave a comment on this blog and share them with the other readers or just send me an email.

Kids Laughing. Last Saturday, while we were golfing at Wasatch State Park, there were several groups of kids playing near the pond on the corner of the property. They were playing, screaming and laughing around the lake in the midday sun. Their laughter was like music. When I heard it, I stopped playing golf and looked over to where they were playing. The sounds made me smile, made me feel good and certainly made me glad I heard them. Pure, sincere, uninhibited laughter of a group of children is something special.

Buttered Popcorn at the Movies. Diet or no diet, its darn hard to go to a movie and not order a big container of heavily butter and salted popcorn. I am pretty sure this is good for your health.

Aerial Photos of Lake Powell. From satellites or low flying airplanes, photos of Lake Powell from above are very cool.

The Inauguration of an American President. I don’t care if the new president is a Democrat or a Republican or whether I voted for or against him. I am always thrilled to watch a new President get sworn into office. The pageantry, the music, the flag fluttering in the wind on a January day. The simple act of placing a hand on the Bible and repeating an oath to serve and defend. This represents the fundamental greatness of America. We change our President by a vote of the people. We don’t assassinate or drive into exile the previous President. We have a civil and deferential turnover of power to a new President. This ceremony always chokes me up and makes me proud to be an American. I feel this way even if I don’t care for the new President.

The American Flag. This is somewhat the same concept as the previous item. Picture an American flag fluttering against a blue sky. How does it make you feel. What does it make you think about. It makes me feel respectful. It makes me feel blessed. It makes me feel that I have the right to disagree with you or with the government about issues of the day. I am patriotic toward America but I think that is a different thing that being supportive of a government position or being a puppet for a particular party or a particular leader. One of my favorite sayings is “Dissent does not equal disloyalty”. You can criticize Obama, or Bush or Reagan or Clinton during each of their presidencies, you can dislike them, but that does not make you disloyal to America. When US first went to war in Iraq after 9/11, I opposed it and I still opposed the war. The Iraqi’s were not the architects or actors in 9/11, by and large it was the Saudi’s. We didn’t invade Saudi Arabia. During the first few years of this the longest war in American history, more than a few of my friends questioned my loyalty because I spoke out against the invasion. These days after thousands of deaths of American military personnel, tens of thousands maimed for life and billions of dollars of costs, fewer people criticize me than previously but there still are some. I criticize the government under Obama for still having us in Iraq just as I criticized George W for getting us there in the first place. The Flag is a symbol of my right to criticize the government just as it is a symbol of your right to criticize me. I believe each of us has the responsibility to speak up when we disagree. It is sometimes difficult to speak your opinion, especially in a group situation, but I think it is important in all things to stand up and be counted for what you think is right. When I see the Flag, it reminds me of this right and this obligation.

Dawn. I love dawn and the early morning. The time before of the sun comes up when it is just barely light. I love the feel of that time of day. It is generally quiet and cool. It is a time when I have hope of a good day ahead, a mini new beginning of life. Do better today, be nicer today, help someone today.

Pictures of the Lovely Sharon. I can’t get enough of them. They make me feel good.

Ocean Avenue in Carmel, CA. I have been to Carmel, California forty or fifty times. I was there in June of this year for the U.S. Open. I love to walk down Ocean Avenue on the right side of the avenue as you face toward the Ocean and then walk back up on the other side. We look in all the shop windows and walk in and browse in many of them. You can smell coffee and baked goods, the air is usually comfortably cool. If its late afternoon, maybe we stopped for a glass of wine.

Art Galleries. I have no training in art. I have limited knowledge about art and artists. But I love and appreciate art. I love paintings and photographs. I love pottery and glassware. I love sculptures. I love to walk into art galleries in Palm Desert, San Francisco, New York and Carmel.

Things my Parents Taught Me. Just like a statement from the Bible, I was born of goodly parents. I think often about the lessons they taught me. Be kind to all, work hard, don’t be envious, be genuinely happy at the successes of your friends and neighbors. Be honest. Help the less fortunate. Help your neighbors, family and even strangers without having to be asked. Get the job done and do it right. Respect everyone regardless of position, wealth, education, job status, religious preference or sexual preference. I have always tried to live by these principles. I have not always been successful, but I have tried. Can you imagine if the Democrats and Republicans threw away their political platforms, and just tried to do those things my parents taught me as a boy? Our society would be better for it.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Why Didn't You Wake Me Up - Redux

Repost from 2009

Why Didn't You Wake Me Up

When I do something stupid (a very rare occurrence unless you ask the Lovely Sharon and a lot of other people around me), it is discussed ad nauseam. For example, a couple months ago, I arrived at work with a shiny black leather slip on loafer on my left foot and a brown suede type shoe with shoe laces on my right foot. Admittedly, the match was not perfect. Some people, including every person at my office and Sharon, thought this was incredibly stupid. People came to my office just to see my feet. For a couple of days I took abuse for my fashion faux pas from all of my feet viewers. I accepted the abuse  without argument figuring it is only fair to be hammered for my own errors and stupidity. However, I sometimes get hammered for Sharon’s misdeeds. This is not fair and should be a cause for my indignant reaction. Consider the following:

My normal weekday schedule is to get up between 4:30 and 5:00 am.  I make a cup of coffee and drink it while I read my office email and various newspapers and news outlets (Salt Lake Tribune, CNN, MSNBC, New York Times etc.) online in my home office. My home office is in the Bud Cave which is in the lower level of our three story house. After about 45 minutes of online review, I take a shower in the Bud Cave bathroom, get dressed and head off to work. I generally leave around 6:30 or so for the office. (Be patient, this essay is going somewhere, I just have to paint a picture of the normal course of events at our house).

While all this is happening, Sharon is sleeping like a baby in the master bedroom on the main level of the house. She is oblivious to my rush of morning activity in the Bud Cave. I try to be very quiet when I leave, so as not to disturb her. (Damn I am nice). Unless, Sharon has some golf event, she generally gets up around 8:00.

Last week Sharon had tennis match scheduled for 9:00 am on Wednesday. She also had a golf team match scheduled for Thursday. The golf match was at the Ogden Country Club and she needed to leave our house around 7:00 am.

OK, the historical background is set.

At 6:30 am Wednesday morning, the day of the 9:00 am tennis match, I ascended from the Bud Cave to the kitchen, trying to be quiet as always. As I was in the kitchen, I was surprised to see Sharon wearing golf attire, her hair a little damp. It was obvious that she had arisen early, washed her hair and gotten dressed. I kissed her good morning and queried why she was up so early and why she was dressed in golf clothes since she had a 9:00 am tennis match. Then it hit her like a ton of bricks. She thought it was Thursday instead of Wednesday. She thought she had a golf match in Ogden.  She woke up at 5:30, (while I was busy down in the Bud Cave), showered, washed her hair and dressed. I thought I heard her moving around upstairs but wasn’t certain so I did not go upstairs to greet her on the morning. When I saw her in the kitchen she was harried as she thought she was running late to get to Ogden for golf.

Now realizing that this was Wednesday and not Thursday, she looked at me and said it was my fault this had happened. Incredulously, I asked “Why was it my fault?”

She responded with “If you would have come upstairs to tell me good morning at 5:30, you could have reminded me it was Wednesday and not Thursday and I could have slept for another couple of hours.

All of a sudden I got a headache trying to figure out why I should have awaken her at 5:30 to tell it was Wednesday and inform her she could sleep for another 2 ½ hours. Call me stupid but it never occurred to me that I should wake her up to tell her she could go back to sleep.

I left for work in a daze.

I am now planning, a surprise for her. On a day in the near future, when she has no morning activities, I am going to wake the Lovely Sharon up at 4:30 am to tell her she can go back to sleep for another 4 hours. Then with an evil smile on my face, I will head back down to the Bud Cave and read the online news

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Best Main Streets in America

Checkout this Article from Huffington Post concerning someone's opinion as the best Main Streets in America.  There are some nice photos.

Two of my favorite Main Streets are El Paseo in Palm Desert, California and Ocean Avenue in Carmel California.
If you have a favorite Main Street I would be interested in hearing about it.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

The New Golf Swing Redux

A Repost

Monday, September 5, 2011

The New Golf Swing

I am not a great golfer. I love golf and have in the past been a better player than I am now but I have never been a great golfer. My lowest handicap of my life has been a 10 and I was not a 10 for more than a few months. I was a 12-13 for several years, but 10 or 12 years ago, I developed arthritis in my upper back causing my back bones to fuse together and as a resuklt it has become difficult to make a turn. Because of the difficulty in turning back on the backswing and turning through on the down swing, I have lost distance. In order to attempt to regain distance, I have tried 327,000 different golf swings. I might be exaggerating it might only be 325,000 golf swings. I have tried so many variations and techniques that I have forgotten my authentic golf swing. You might recall my blog essay I think we each have an authentic golf swing, the one we were born with. It can be refined, it can be developed but I think it is hard not to have swing characteristics as an adult that you had as a child, but none-the less, many of us seek the elusive better swing, longer drives,  and more accurate iron shots. It is as though we are each, in our own way, a Ponce de Leon, looking for the Fountain of Youth somewhere in Florida.

(For those of you who do not understand the Ponce de Leon reference, you should have not skipped so many history classes in high school. From Wikipedia - Juan Ponce de León y; (1474 – July 1521) was a Spanish explorer. He became the first Governor of Puerto Rico by appointment of the Spanish crown. He led the first European expedition to Florida, which he named. He is associated with the legend of the Fountain of Youth, reputed to be in Florida.)

Sometime in early August, I was hitting golf balls on the practice range at Hidden Valley Country Club. I was trying to see what new golf swing I could find. I tried something different (lifetime swing change number 325,001). I started hitting the ball pretty well. It seemed to be going further and straighter. I could do it over and over and the new swing seemed to worked for me. Was I was excited? No I was damn excited. When I arrived back at the house, I sprinted inside to share my discovery with the Lovely Sharon. Ok, I am a chunky 58 year old man with a bad back so maybe I did not actually a sprint. It was more like the waddle of a fast three toe sloth. I located the Lovely Sharon in the Bud Cav. She was writing cleaning advice to me in the dust on my desk. Sometimes I wonder how dumb she thinks I am. She can only write “Dust Me” so many times on my desk before I finally realized that a human wrote the words “Dust Me”. It was not my desk crying out in pain experiencing a stigmata causing words to appear. Since I finally realized the writing was done by human action, I was pretty certain it was the work of the Lovely Sharon. We are the only two who live in the house. I did not think a burglar would break in and write "Dust Me" on my desk in the Bud Cave.

Despite her pathetic attempts at secret writing, I continued to be excited to share my new golf swing with her. I took the Lovely Sharon in my arms; we were so close I could smell her wonderful natural bouquet. My mouth was smiling, my eyes were smiling I could hardly talk. She looked at me with questioning eyes and she finally broke the silence (I was still unable to talk in all of my excitement) and she asked “Did we win the lottery?” I should my head to indicate that no, that we did not win the lottery. I kept smiling.

She then asked if I had cured cancer. I again responded with a no but then added “It is something better”. She asked what could be better than winning the lottery or curing cancer. I told her that I had a new golf swing. Her eyes rolled. I mean they really rolled. They went back in her head so far that only the whites were visible. I thought she had suffered an attack of some sort before I realized that in the last 7 years of marriage, I have undoubtedly told her that I had a new golf swing more than a 1,000 times. She has actually called the cable company and had them remove the Golf Channel from our cable line up. When the pupils of her eyes were back to where they are supposed to be, I told her that this time it was different, this new swing actually worked. With a lack of conviction, she responded with a quiet “We’ll see”.

The next 8 or 9 rounds of golf, I played well, I shot my lowest scores of the year, I hit the ball straight, and for me long. I was in a state of bliss. The Lovely Sharon was happy for me.  She was happy for her as she contemplated a married life without ever again hearing the words “I have a new swing”.

My golfing life has been great the last month. I had finally found the key to success. Bad golf was behind me.

Yesterday in Sunday Couples  golf at Hidden Valley the Lovely Sharon and I were paired with Bill and Martha, two wonderful friends and great golfers. They have won many tournaments over the years. Bill played particularly well yesterday. I was excited to play with them and decided not to say anything about my swing, but rather, I would let my clubs do the talking. I shot 104. It was my worse round in five years. Let me repeat that: “I SHOT 104”. In truth it was more than 104 as the Lovely Sharon took pity on me and gave me a couple of 6x’s when I should have had a couple a more 7x’s. This was a painful round of golf. Sharon, Bill and Martha tried to be kind. They tried to be supportive and, they made the appropriate sounds of condolences each time I hit the ball. They treated me like you tip toe around a friend with an incurable disease. You know he is a gonner but you say something like. “You look nice in that hospital gown”.

I cannot tell you how glad I was to have the round come to an end. I doubled bogey the last hole and frankly, I played so poorly that the double bogey felt like a birdie.

It is Labor Day. I slept in until 6:00. Late for me. The Lovely Sharon is fast asleep upstairs in her bed, no doubt dreaming of her own wonderful golf skill. I am at my desk in the Bud Cave. Its dark outside and the only visible light is the small green shaded banker’s desk lamp on my desk. I have decided that after I shower, I am going to Hidden Valley Country Club and look for a new swing.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Holiday Season

I just spent two weeks with the Lovely Sharon in Palm Desert.  It was a terrific holiday season for me.  The weather in Palm Desert was as nice as I can remember for that time of year.  Most every day was blue sky, clear atmosphere and in the 70’s; on a couple of days the temperature was around 80’s.  We played a lot of golf with friends, had dinners and lunches with friends, went to church on Christmas and went to a movie.  It was a lovely holiday season for me. 

 In the afternoon on New Year’s Day we hopped in our golf cart with a bottle of Champaign and drove out to the picnic area at the Ironwood Country Club’s South course 14th hole.  As soon as we arrived and were popping the cork, two other golf carts arrived with four friends who had the same idea and had brought wine to celebrate the New Year.  This is the same place on the golf course where the Lovely Sharon and I were married almost 10 years ago. We talked and joked for 45 minutes or so until the sun went down and then we all left for home.


I drove back to Salt Lake yesterday.  Usually the drive takes 10 to 10 ½ hours but yesterday it took almost 11 ½ hours.  I was tired the entire drive back and I pulled over a few times to walk around to revive myself.  I actually took a couple of catnaps on the way home.

Now that I am back in Salt Lake, there is snow in the yard, it is cold, I have bills to pay and I am back at work tomorrow. I am back to my winter reality.

Here are a few photos I took at Ironwood over the holidays.