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  • The Last Lion (volume III)- William Manchester and Paul Reid (non-fiction, Winston Churchill)
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  • Everybody was Young- (non-fiction Paris in the 1920's)
  • Scorpion - (non fiction US Supreme Court)
  • Supreme Power - Jeff Shesol (non-fiction)
  • Zero day by David Baldacci ( I read all of Baldacci's Books)
  • Northwest Angle - William Kent Krueger (fiction - I have read 5 or 6 books by this author)
  • Camelot's Court-Insider the Kennedy Whitehouse- Robert Dallek
  • Childe Hassam -Impressionist (a beautiful book of his paintings)

Sunday, January 25, 2015

More Black and White Photos

If you have read this blog before you know that I am a fan of black and white photos.  Especially from the 1930's, 1940's, and 1950's.   Here are a few more photos have recently found on the Internet. I don't know who took these photos but I like them.

A romantic sophisticated night on the town. This is a woman that would be fun to take out for cocktails at New York's Rainbow Room or San Francisco's Redwood Room.You don't see many capes these days.

I like her shoes. I am a shoe guy.  I like to pick out shoes for the Lovely Sharon and for myself. Just in case you wonder, I wear men's shoes.  The woman on our right looks angry as she watches the woman in the sunglasses walk by.

 From the movie "La Dolce Vita".  This is Anita Ekberg  who recently died.  What a bombshell.  In the old days, people even got dressed up to frolic in public fountains.

These days you never see women get all dressed up to go on a bike ride.  Now women and men put on uniforms that makes everyone look as though they are riding in the Tour La France. These ladies look like they are having fun. I wonder if this is Paris- Tuileries Gardens?

I have no clue what this is - Dead, Asleep, Passed Out- who knows. The room is cluttered and there is a man's coat in the background. On the far right is a foot pedal sewing machine.

The swim suits from the old days were just as sexy as today's thongs.

Might be a group of college kids on break from class enjoying a sunny day. Two of the girls have tennis rackets.

It was nice when people dressed up.  I member when I was a boy and went to down town Salt Lake with my mother and sister.  We all got dressed up.  We generally ate lunch at Auerbachs Department Store.  I always ordered fish and chips.   Sadly, Auerbach's has been gone for many years.  I am also a fan of hats for men and women.  I have 7 or 8 nice fedora's.  The Lovely Sharon looks great in hats.  I wish she would wear them more often.

More Hats

More hats.  Each woman is crossing her legs the same way

People gossiped, even in yesteryear.

I am thankful that today men wear longer swimsuits

Now that's a flannel suit.

I hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I do. I will find some more black and white photos and post them soon.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Bighorn Sheep Palm Desert

Last weekend, the Lovely Sharon and I were playing golf on the South Course at Ironwood Country Club.  It was about 1:00 in the afternoon and we were on the tee box of the 14th hole (we were married at the 14th hole almost 11 years ago).  The 14th hole has a couple of lakes and is near the rocky Santa Rosa mountains.  I had teed off and was waiting for the Lovely Sharon to hit her tee ball when I heard the sound of rocks sliding down the mountainside and I looked up to see three beautiful bighorn sheep.  The bighorns were maybe 250 or 300 feet from me.  I grabbed my camera from my golf cart and took two pictures before the bighorns went around a hill and were out of sight.

The bighorns colors blended into the color of the rocks they were walking on.  They looked at me, but not having been previously introduced, they quickly looked away and went about their walk.

They were beautiful.  Here are the photos I was able to take:

Here is a photo of the 14th hole

I hope to see more bighorns in the near future.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Black and White Photos

I am a devotee of retro black and white photos.  Particularly, photos from the 1930's, 1940's and 1950's.  I have posted a number of black and white photos over the lasted several years.  When I find a black and white photo I like, I save it and when I have a handful, I post them.  Set forth below are several photos I have recently found on the internet.  I hope you like them,

This is a busy photo with a lot of things happening.  According to the internet, this was taken in London.  My favorite person in this photo is the woman on the bottom right of the photo who is looking at the man. She has her hands together.  What is she communicating to her table mate?

To me this photo feels lonely.  Is she a bride waiting for her husband to be?  There is a  ribbon on the car. What is she looking at?  Is the man in the picture a bystander or is he part of her group? I like her white high heels. Her legs seem too thin for my liking.

Coit Tower in San Francisco is one of my favorite sights.  Wikipedia says:

Coit Tower, also known as the Lillian Coit Memorial Tower, is a 210-foot  tower in the Telegraph Hill neighborhood of San Francisco. The tower, in the city's Pioneer Park, was built in 1933 using Lillie Hitchcock Coit's bequest to beautify the city of San Francisco; at her death in 1929 Coit left one-third of her estate to the city for civic beautification. The tower was proposed in 1931 as an appropriate use of Coit's gift.The art deco tower, built of unpainted reinforced concrete, was designed by architects Arthur Brown, Jr. and Henry Howard, with fresco murals by 27 different on-site artists and their numerous assistants, plus two additional paintings installed after creation off-site

Bocce Ball players in San Francisco. These gentlemen are carefully studying the situation..

These guys look like hoodlums.

Black kids or white kids, there is a sweetness in children. Wouldn't you like to hold the boy in the Mickey Mouse ears on your lap and talk to him; ask him questions; and hear his answers?

If her arms were just a little longer she could get that last spot.

I will stay on the look out form more black and white photos.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year

January 1, 2015.  A new year begins and an old year ends.  Last night the Lovely Sharon and I joined 30 or so friends to celebrate the New Year. It was a lovely evening and the first time in a long time I stayed up until midnight on New Year’s Eve.  I was tired and ready for bed when midnight arrived.  

I have spent 13 or 14 New Year’s Eve with the Lovey Sharon, each of which have been different.   New Year’s Eve at Ironwood Country Club, at restaurants, at friends’ houses and a few evenings of just the two of us at home.

I have always liked New Years.  Hopes and thoughts of being better during the New Year.  A better person, a better friend, a better husband, a better citizen.    I also have the same resolutions that most of us have- eat better, exercise more, lose some weight and be healthier.

Every year I start out strong; committed to do better in all thing but I seem to peter out at some point in the year. May be this year I will do better.

To all of my friends and family, I wish a happy New Year.

The Lovely Sharon

The Lovely Sharon Heading to the Course

We wish you a Happy New Year