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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday Musings

It’ is getting close to the official first day of spring.  The last several days have been beautiful in Salt Lake City.  Blue Sky, no clouds and fairly warm for this time of year.  I went for nice walks Friday afternoon and Saturday (yesterday).  I hope for another walk today. 
I went to church this morning and then out for breakfast on my own at Johanna’s. I had the diet biscuits and country gravy with sausage on the side.  I might be wrong, it might not have been the diet breakfast.  It was mighty tasty, accompanied by a cold glass of milk.

My backyard needs to be spring cleaned.  There are limbs that need to be picked up.  They fell off the trees over the winter and lie like skeletons on the ground waiting to be picked up for a proper burial.  I suppose I should put on some yard work clothes and shoes, a pair of glove and get out there and pick them up.  But frankly I don’t feel like doing that today. I need to pay my bills, clean the bathroom and do a load of wash.

The Lovely Sharon is in Palm Desert.  As I write, this she is at the La Quinta Art Festival.  I asked her to send me a couple of photos of some of the art work.  The La Quinta art festival is probably my favorite art festival in the desert.  I wish I was with her meandering through the paintings, photos, sculptures and jewelry. Sounds a lot more interesting than picking up dead limbs in the back yard.  Although picking up limbs is cheaper than buying art work.  She sent me the following picture.  We actually have three sculptures by the artist who did this car.

Well I think I will go for that walk now.

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